Locks, picks, and drinks.

Our goals are:

- picking locks for fun
- removing obscurity from security

Our Mission:

To address, educate, coordinate, and provide training on the principles of physical security for homes and businesses.

Read our bylaws, if you're into that sort of thing.


First and third Sunday of the month (except major holidays) @ sometime around 8pm-9pm.

Finnegan's Wake

620 North Trade Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

FALE Shart

FALE Starter Kit

Kit includes:

  • 1 Plain laminated handle LockFALE deep reach
  • 1 Plain laminated handle Deforest diamond
  • 1 Plain laminated handle Short hook
  • 1 Plain handle Bogata-style rake
  • 1 Plain handle Medium diamond
  • 2 tensioners

Will you come to our conference?

Depends. Email us.

What about your Kickstarter project?!

We're working on that. No, really. O.P. still delivers

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I found a random lock, should I pick it?

We don't care. But here's some common sense:

We do not condone picking locks you do not have permission to pick.

We do not welcome people that want to learn how to pick locks for
the purpose of gaining illegitimate entry.

Locks were not made to be opened by picks. Picking a lock can damage it;
sometimes enough such that the lock no longer functions.
Do not pick a lock that is in use unless you are comfortable
with the fact that it may not operate when you are done.

We do not monitor, police, or take on liability for any person participating
in legal or illegal activities who claims association with FALE or otherwise

What are people saying about FALE?

FALE is highly effective at drinking and looking at locks.

- Matt Jezorek

Not that I am Mr. Professional or anything, but this is one of the least professional outlines we've ever reviewed.

- DEFCON Speaker Submission Review Board

You guys have obviously thrown any interest in professionalism out the window.

- Jennifer Jabbusch Minella

My FALE shirt fits perfectly

- squ33k

BSidesLV is no longer in need of your services

- BSidesLV

I thought $20 was a great price to get near these geniuses... Boy, was I wrong

- KC Yerrid

I drmgfmf the seccnnnd NICKLES err hahaha...sheeeeit.

- Random Dangerously Drunk Man